Here are some of the best resources I’ve found for learning 3D art and specifically Blender. Some links are affiliate links which provide me with a small commission if you buy from them.

3D Assets

These sites sell assets, but they also give away free stuff. Add it all up and you can build a decent library from their freebies without paying a dime.

Poliigon A texture site created by the Blender Guru himself… Creating an account gives you access to a bunch of free textures.
Poly HavenEntirely free library of CC-0 HDRIs, models and textures. They have an add-on for Blender too.
Blender MarketThe go-to place for affordable Blender assets.
CG TraderAnother good place to buy and sell 3D models.
TurbosquidYa there’s some expensive stuff on Turbosquid, but set the filter to “free” and you’ll find some good stuff.
MegascansMegascans offers a subscription asset service but they also give away great fee assets.
Textures.comTons of free/cheap textures, reference photos and all sorts of things you can use.
CG Axis“The Netflix of 3D” – A lot of assets for a low monthly subscription.
Top 12 Blender Tutorial Channels on YouTube
A beach scene with nature assets
Geo Scatter Add-on for Blender

Online Tutorials

Blender GuruGreat free tutorials for beginners and intermediate users alike. Your first tutorial should be the “Donut” series.
Ryan KingA wide variety of easy-to-follow Blender tutorials. Ryan is a great guy too!
CBaileyFilmOne of the best explainers of complicated Blender features I’ve found.
Flipped NormalsOne of the better places to provide both paid and free tutorials and tons of quality assets for your project. They offer a lot more than just Blender stuff, so filter it for “Blender.”
CG CookieCG Cookie offers access to a large library of tutorials for a monthly subscription.
Ducky 3DNathan Duck provides a lot of cool stuff for abstract designs. A lot of good, quick tips.
Ian HubertAn experienced artist in CG, Ian’s Patreon page is one of my favorite places to get tutorials and free stuff made by a guy who knows what he’s doing. He’s entertaining too.
Grant AbbittGrant does some quality tutorials. They are clear and concise. His beginner course is free and more advanced courses are paid.
Blender InstituteYou can get some basic tutorials directly from the creators of Blender at the Blender Institute.
Default CubeThis guy knows his stuff when it comes to materials/textures and Blender
Daniel KrafftGreat stuff when it comes to Blender tips. Also, watch the video where he met Mr. Beast!

Sound Assets

YouTube Audio LibraryIf you need sounds or sound effects for you project, YouTube offers a ton of copyright-free music and sound effects.
I used to have more recommendations for sound assets, but I’ve become disappointed with them. Use Envato Elements instead!

Other Resources

Topaz StudioAmazing filters and effects for any image (Beeple uses this!)
PhotobashBuy packs of high-quality photo assets to use in photobashing, as reference or as .PNG assets in your scenes.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is my one-stop shop for video templates, stock images and video, photoshop plug-ins, sound effects, music and a LOT more in a single, very affordable subscription.

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