Blender add-ons extend functionality and improve our workflows. While many of the most powerful add-ons are paid, here’s a list of helpful ones that are free but powerful!

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Best Add-On for Fog

I can’t believe there is a free version of this! Create an object and turn it into fog with a single click. Then easily customize the density, look and color of the fog.

There is both a paid version with many more features and an option to donate $5 to the creator for the effort that went into this (which is still totally worth it!)

Seriously, check this out if you like fog in your scene!

  • One Click Fog
  • Highly Customizable Fog
  • Ground Fog
  • Settings Can Be Animated

Easy Fog

The Easy Fog blender add-on thumbnail displays 3D objects surrounded by procedural fog.

Regular Price: FREE

Best Add-On for Simple Object Placement

There are great add-ons for scattering objects, but the simplicity of nature clicker is awesome.

Just select the assets we want to place and start clicking. It randomizes the placement and rotation according to the settings we give it.

This is perfect for manually placing random nature (or other) assets.

  • One-Click Placement
  • Randomize Scale, Rotation & Tilt
  • Aligns to Surface
  • Highly Compatible

Nature Clicker

The free nature clicker addon for Blender thumbnail displays 3D models of bushes and trees.

Regular Price: FREE

Best Add-On for Organizing Sidebar Tabs

When we have a lot of add-ons, our sidebar can get pretty full. Simple tabs is an easy and light-weight add-on to organize the Blender sidebar.

With Simple Tabs, we can rename and reorder tabs in the sidebar. We can also consolidate multiple tabs in the N-menu. Designed by Chipp Walters, this is handy for Blender users of all levels.

The add-on was updated in September 2022 for improved functionality.

  • Rename Sidebar Tabs
  • Reorder Tabs
  • Consolidate Tabs

Simple Tabs

The thumbnail for the free Simple Tabs add-on for Blender.

Regular Price: FREE

Best Add-On for Random Wiggling

Adding random bounce and sway to an object is simple with this add-on. It simulates Cinema 4D’s wiggle feature.

Adding randomized motion, rotation and even scaling is very intuitive. We can move the object without resetting the wiggle. The simple add-on adds a complex set of geometry nodes to make this all happen.

  • Randomly Wiggle Objects
  • Pulse Feature
  • Uses Geometry Nodes


A sailboat is displayed in the thumbnail for the free Wiggle add-on for Blender.

Regular Price: FREE

Best Add-On for Kitbashing

KitOps is a powerful tool for quickly adding elements from pre-made kits (called KPacks) or that you’ve made yourself. It allows fast and efficient kitbashing and can serve as a library manager for kitbashing assets and materials.

This is one of the most downloaded add-ons for Blender. The paid version comes with a huge pack of assets. The free plug-in comes with a small starter pack.

  • Manage Kitbash Assets
  • Quickly Build Complex Models
  • Manage Materials

KitOps 2

The thumbnail for the free KitOps add-on for Blender 3D.

Regular Price: FREE

Best Add-On for Terrain and Cities

Want to reconstruct your hometown? OSM stands for Open Street Map. This is a free way to use GIS data from maps to create terrain and streets based off real places. We can also add generic buildings to locations of buildings in the real-world.

There is a paid version with additional features.

  • Generate Real-World Terrain
  • Add Streets and Buildings
  • Use Real Maps as Textures
  • Waterways & Vegetation


The free Blender OSM addon shows cities, buildings and terrain which can be generated with the plug-in.

Regular Price: FREE

Extra Blender Tools #1

Machin3 Tools is a free set of tools to improve our workflows and the Blender interface.

From lots of pie menus to smart rendering tools and even an asset library, there is definitely something in here that can make your life easier.

  • Custom Pie Menus
  • Smart Drivers
  • Rendering Tools
  • Quad Sphere Object
  • Asset Browser

Machin3 Tools

The free machin3 tools add-on shows a sci fi object with decals.

Regular Price: FREE

Extra Blender Tools #2

Curtis Holt brings us a free set of tools to make Blender more efficient and user friendly.

The add-on creates a new panel on the sidebar with some of Curtis’ favorite custom tools.

  • Quick Decimate
  • File Cleanup
  • Random Light Colors
  • Volumetric Toggle
  • Smart Selection

Holt Tools

The free Holt Tools add-on for Blender.

Regular Price: FREE

Best Add-On for Generative Modeling

Designed by Curtis Holt, By-Gen is a series of tools to create generative parametric shapes. If you want to create random alien-like objects procedurally, this is the kit for you!

With the additional use of geometry nodes, the toolkit supports scattering and unique displacement. You can add or create content packs to expand the add-on even more.

  • Surface Effects
  • Displacement
  • Volume Effects
  • Draw Geometry
  • Depth Map Tool


The free By-Gen add-on for Blender shows the procedurally generated geometry of a 3D model.

Regular Price: FREE

Of course, I also have a list of the best PAID Blender add-ons. If you are an add-on creator and would like me to review your product, please contact me.

Have a look around my site, check out my YouTube channel and as always, Stay Creative!

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