If material shading in Blender 3D confuses you, this is the place to start. Of course you can download packs of materials, but this tutorial breaks down creating material shaders to the most basic steps for beginners. Here’s what this video will cover about how to create materials in Blender:

  • Basics of adding materials
  • Introduction to the Shader Editor
  • The Principled BSDF Shader
  • Mixing shaders
  • The Color Ramp Node
  • Texture nodes
  • Mixing RGB color
  • Texture / Material mapping
  • Math node
  • Transparency shading
  • Volume shading
  • More shading tips

Part 1: How to Use Material Shaders in Blender

Start with this video. It’s a 29 minute lesson that will make you much more comfortable with material shading and the basics of how nodes work in Blender…

Learn the BASICS of Material Shading in BLENDER (Part 1)

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Part 2: How to Create PBR Materials in Blender

Once you’ve finished the introductory lesson, head over to see part 2 where we learn to create PBR materials.