The Blender 3D user interface is diagramed with labels depicting the 3D viewport, properties panel, etc.

Blender 3D is free and open source 3D software. It can be used for 3D modeling, sculpting, animation, VFX and so much more. But learning to use it all starts with understanding the user interface.

Welcome to the Blender UI

Most of Blender is maintained in a single window that can be subdivided and customized as we desire. The creators of Blender specifically didn’t want it to require multiple open windows on top of each other.

The main components of the Blender user interface are “Workspaces” and “Editors.”

An object's mesh is selected in the Blender 3D viewport.

How to Select in Blender 3D (20+ Ways)

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This article covers 20+ different methods of selecting in Blender 3D. Some work in Object Mode, some in Edit Mode and some in both.

More Interface & Navigation

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