If you visit Blender Market and sort all products by price, you’ll see several add-ons listed at $9,999.99. Most of these are gimmicks by creators to get their products to the top of the page and sell other products.

This page contains affiliate links which pay me a commission if used to make a purchase. I have no affiliation with Web Crafter itself.

But one add-on called Web Crafter is legitimately listed for this price with no other products being sold by its creator.

Can this be legit?

The Blender logo with text advertising an add-on.

The Blender add-on is marketed as a tool to easily create a 3D website within Blender using no code. If this works, it could actually be of value to professional web designers.

The add-on boasts of the following features:

  • Instantly editable code
  • Interactive meshes
  • Animations
  • Display responsiveness
  • Templates
  • Deploys to Github & Vercel
  • Easy Workflow

The addon’s stats shows it has 40+ sales and two customer ratings (with an average of three stars). It was listed around September of 2023.

The creator has demo videos and demo websites created with the ad-on posted on their Blender Market page.

WebCrafter: 3D Website Builder and Blender Addon

Of course, I didn’t fork up the money to try it out, but I can’t help but be curious. Does it work? Could it really be worth the investment to somebody?

I suppose I’ll just have to keep wondering…

Here’s a list of my favorite (more reasonably priced) addons that I have actually purchased.

Stay creative!