With the release of Blender 3.5, VDM brushes are now supported. I have another post where you can learn how to set-up your brushes. There are more and more VDM brush sets appearing on platforms like Blender Market. I’ve sifted through many to share my favorites and what I think are the best values.

Below is my list of the Best VDM Brush Sets for Blender Artists…

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Top VDM Brushes for Blender 3D

What are VDM Brushes?

VDM brushes are sculpting brushes for 3D software created with vector displacement maps. Unlike alpha brushes which use black and white images to raise or lower geometry, VDM brushes contain three dimensional sculpting data.

VDM brushes only became available for use in Blender version 3.5 but have been available in other 3D software programs for a long time. We can create our own brushes or purchase full VDM brush kits on places like Blender Market and Art Station.

See my full tutorial on how to set up and use VDM brushes in Blender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use VDM brushes in Blender?

You can use vector displacement map (VDM) brushes for sculpting in Blender version 3.5 and above.

Where can I get VDM brushes?

VDM brushes are available on several marketplaces such as Blender Market, CG Trader and ArtStation.