Greebles are small objects scattered across a larger object to add detail. Think of the surface of the Death Star – all the little antennas and extrusion details – those are greebles!

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In Blender, we can add greeble details manually or with a scattering add-on (my favorite is GeoScatter). We could also use geometry nodes or a particle system.

A beach scene with nature assets
Geo Scatter Add-on for Blender

We can make our own greebles or save time by downloading pre-built packs of greebles. There are some great sets available.

Greeble Town Assets

The best greeble asset packs I’ve found lately are from Greeble Town. They have two free packs and the rest are very reasonably priced. They’re all ready for use in the Blender Asset Browser and with GeoScatter.

Industrial Greebles

Build an entire industrial scene using just the Grunge Factory asset pack. With over 70 models and a ton of extras like steam elements.

A 3D render of an industrial scene.

Military Greebles

Much more than just greebles, this kit includes everything you need to make a modern military base with tons of extras.

3D render of a military base using greebles.

Cyber Punk Greebles

The Metro Punk kit is a huge pack of neon skyscrapers. We can build cyber punk scene in Blender really fast with this kit.

A cyber punk scene rendered with greebles.

Space Station Greebles

If you’re looking to build a space station or other sci-fi render, these greebles are great.

Several space stations, satellites and a moon base rendered with greebles in Blender.