Envato Elements is a worthwhile investment for digital creators of all kinds. But at some point, one may need to cancel a subscription. Here’s a step-by-step for how to cancel an Envato Elements subscription.

A cancel button on a computer keyboard.

If you’re considering an Envato Elements subscription, here’s an overview of how Envato Elements works.

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Steps to Cancel Envato Elements Subscription

Step 1: Go to Account Preferences

Log into your Envato Elements account. In the top right corner of any page, you will see your user account name. Hovering over this will display a list of options. Choose “My Account.”

The "My Account" option is selected in the Envato Elements account settings.

Step 2: Choose “Cancel Subscription”

In the account overview page, you’ll find an area listing your current Envato subscription plan. It will show the date on which your Envato Elements subscription will be renewed and the amount which will be charged when it’s renewed.

In small print below this information is a link labeled “Cancel Subscription.” This will bring you to an account cancellation page.

The "Cancel Subscription" link is located in the Envato Elements account settings page.

Step 3: Confirm Cancellation of Envato Elements

On the account cancellation page, you will again be shown your current subscription expiration date and the expected charge when it renews. You’ll be provided a detailed explanation of what you’ll have access to if you cancel your subscription (before and after it expires).

An explanation of what will happen after you cancel your Envato Elements subscription.

Finally, you’ll be asked to provide a reason for ending your subscription. This is a mandatory field. If you choose “Other” then you’ll be prompted to enter a text response. You’ll also be asked if you think you will re-subscribe to Envato Elements in the future.

The "Cancel My Subscription" button is highlighted in the Envato Elements cancelation page.

Then press the “Cancel my Subscription” button and your subscription will be canceled. It will still be active until your subscription end date (the next time it was to be renewed).

What Will Happen When I Cancel My Envato Subscription?

Your subscription is prepaid until its next renewal date. It will remain active between the date you cancel the subscription and the date it expires. Here’s a breakdown of what will happen after you cancel your subscription before and after the expiration date.

Before My Subscription Expires

When you cancel your subscription to Envato Elements, you will still have access to its services until your subscription expires. You can still download all assets available from the Envato library.

While the subscription is still active, you can continue to use Envato Elements for projects and license new projects the same as before you canceled.

From your account settings, you will see a countdown (in days) for how much time you have left with your active subscription. You’ll also see an option to re-activate your subscription.

After My Subscription Expires

When your Envato Elements subscription expires, you will no longer to be able to download and license new assets. You will not be able to add a license to an existing download.

However, all end products you licensed while your Envato Elements subscription was active will still be valid. If you used a downloaded asset in a client’s project, your client will still be able to use that end product.

Can I Get a Refund if I Cancel Envato Elements

When you cancel your Envato Elements subscription, you’ll remain an active subscriber for the period you’ve already paid for. Envato Elements will not issue a refund, but your subscription will not renew as it was scheduled.

Is it Hard to Cancel Envato Elements

I am a dedicated user to Envato Elements. As an experiment for this post, I canceled my subscription and experienced no issues. It was easy to cancel. I did of course RE-ACTIVATE it because Envato Elements is awesome.