Envato Elements is a single subscription service providing unlimited downloads from millions of digital assets. One category you can download is “3D” but they are not the 3D objects you may think they are. Here’s what to know about downloading 3D models on Envato Elements.

3D objects available for download in Envato Elements

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See this post for a full overview of what you get with an Envato Elements subscription.

3D Objects You DO NOT Get with Envato Elements

When you subscribe to Envato Elements, one category of downloads is labeled “3D.” These are NOT 3D models such as .FBX or OBJ files! They have nothing to do with 3D software like Blender, Cinema 4D, etc.

The 3D Models You DO Get with Envato Elements

What we get in the 3D category of Envato Elements are three dimensional renders which can be manipulated to view different angles. These can then be downloaded as either PNG or Photoshop files. These can be used for a variety of things including photobashing.

How to Download 3D Renders from Envato Elements

To use the 3D model renders from Envato Elements, go to the 3D category of assets under “More” in the menu.

The 3D category of assets is highlighted in the "More" menu.

Browse through the 3D models available. Click on one you want to use. You’ll see options to download the current angle in either PNG or PSD on the right. At the bottom is a button to “View 360 Render.” This will allow us to rotate and change the view of the 3D object.

A 3D render of a car in Envato Elements.

After you change the view, you can download the image from the current view with a transparent background. Then use it in whatever artistic creation you wish.

Where to Download 3D Objects (The Real Ones)

If you are looking to download 3D objects for 3D programs like Blender and Maya, there are a number of places to find them (both free and paid). Here are a few to check out:

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