Looking for the best free Blender 3D tutorials? Here’s a list of ones I recommend. I also have a list of affordable Blender courses on Udemy, but if you’re just getting started there’s plenty on YouTube. Here’s my list of the best Blender 3D tutorials on YouTube.

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Blender Guru

Let’s just get this one out of the way. Blender Guru has long been known for his famous Donut tutorial series. Andrew Price walks beginners through Blender while modeling and animating a 3D donut. Rendering a donut is like a right of passage for new Blender users.

I’ve got to admit the donut series one of the best places to start learning Blender. But of course keep reading for more.

Blender 3.0 Beginner Tutorial - Part 1

Grant Abbitt

Grant Abbitt (with his soothing British accent) has a background in teaching. He’s very good at presenting information at a pace beginners can follow. He has many tutorial series on his channel for learning different parts of Blender and most are aimed at beginners.

Blender 3 - Complete Beginners Guide - Part 1

Ryan King Art

If you’ve figured out the basic navigation and layout of Blender but want to actually make something, check out Ryan King’s channel. He puts out Blender tutorials almost every day, but I personally learned the most from his sci fi robot series.

This picks up with modeling a robot and eases into shading, texture painting and animating in a very organized and easy-to-understand format.

Sci-Fi Robot Drone: Part 1 (Modelling the Robot Body)

Blender Secrets

The best channel for quick tips on almost every area of Blender is Blender Secrets. The creator, Jan, masterfully packs information into short, 60-second video tutorials. He’s also compiled over 600 of them into his Blender Secrets e-book which is also worth looking at.

As an example, this super fast way of texture painting will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Blender Secrets - Texture Painting With Quick Edit

C Bailey Film

This guy is a hidden gem in the world of Blender tutorials and is one of my favorites. His explanations and pacing are perfect, but he definitely covers some advanced topics (which he simplifies very well). He has one of the best explanations of geometry nodes I’ve found.

Hard Surface Model A Spaceship No Add-Ons Required! Blender Tutorial

Brandon’s Drawings

I admit I’m biased, but I bet you could find a few tutorials on my own channel that are helpful for beginners. My most popular is the one where I put 50 quick tips into one video. I’ve also gotten a lot of great feedback on my two-part introduction to materials.

Learn the BASICS of Material Shading in BLENDER (Part 1)

Default Cube / CG Matter

I don’t know why the same guy has two channels dedicated to Blender on YouTube, but he’s clearly a Blender genius and both are worth watching. Default Cube and CG Matter are channels that cover some complex stuff that pushes the limits of my comprehension.

But the creator’s ability to dumb down some advanced topics has really improved my understanding – especially with geometry nodes.

Advanced Chain Modeling in Blender

Daniel Kraft

Daniel Kraft is an entertaining and knowledgeable Blender instructor whose mega tip videos are packed full of info. He has three videos that include a combined total of 400 Blender tips and tricks.

He took off in popularity after he designed an award for Mr. Beast with Blender and then built it and delivered it to him. It’s a very cool story. Now he creates content on a lot of things, but his early Blender videos are still some of the best.

100 Blender 2.8 tips you might not know! (Blender 2.8 tips and tricks)


If you are looking to master geometry nodes, it’s practically mandatory to watch some of Erindale’s videos. He’s incredibly smart and understands geo nodes like nobody else.

I admit I still don’t fully understand geometry nodes and it’s probably because I haven’t watched enough Erindale tutorials.

Hexagon World with Geometry Nodes Fields - Blender 3.0 Tutorial


Polyfjord has several good tutorials, but they get overshadowed by his robotic arm tutorial which went viral in 2022. With 27 million views, it may be the most seen Blender tutorial ever.

It’s worth a watch, but don’t skip over his other videos because they’re all great.

Tutorial: How to Create Robotic Arms in Blender (Part 1)

Ian Hubert

Ian Hubert is one of the most interesting instructors I’ve met. He has some real production credits in the 3D industry, but has most recently has been working on his own sci-fi series made almost entirely in Blender.

He’s hilarious and his “Lazy Tutorials” series is Blender tutorial gold!

Make Cities with Blender - Lazy Tutorials
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