Is Envato Elements worth it? Envato Elements is a subscription service with a huge amount of assets we get unlimited access to. It’s one of the best values for content creators of all types. YouTubers, bloggers, freelancers and pretty much anyone designing anything will benefit from Envato Elements.

Screenshots of assets you get with an Envato Elements subscription.

Here are 21 things you get with a single subscription!

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1. Stock Images

There are places to get free stock images that everyone else has. There are premium stock image services that cost a fortune. Envato Elements falls right in the middle.

There are over 8,000,000 stock images available with the service.

A woman looks at an image on a tablet computer.

2. Stock Video

Anyone creating video content can use stock videos. There are over 4,000,000 stock videos on Envato Elements for b-roll, backgrounds, overlays and much more. Many are in 4K and the production value on a lot of them is very high quality.

Aerial footage of a river flowing through snow-covered land.

3. Music

Who couldn’t use music? Envato Elements has a library of over 146,000 music tracks and you can use all of them as a subscriber.

Some music tracks are registered with Content ID to protect against copyright restrictions. Learn more about using music with Content ID.

A DJ with headphones plays music on a computer.

4. Sound Effects

If you have a sound effect in mind that you need for your project, it’s almost guaranteed you can find it in Envato’s library of 631,000 sound clips. These are in addition to items in the “music” category.

Sound waveform displayed on a computer moditor.

5. Video Intros

Pre-formatted video intros for your videos are available with Envato Elements. You can drop them into your video editing software and edit them as you wish to give your videos a professional, branded appearance.

A customizable video introduction.

6. Video Transitions

Forget the boring transitions you’re using. Envato Elements has over 8,500 transition effects for use in Adobe Premiere, Divinci Resolve, After Effects and more.

A video transitions between a man and a woman.

7. Lower Thirds

Looking for a professional “lower thirds” overlay for your video. There are a ton of them that can be dropped over your video and edited in the software program of your choice. Another way to up your game in professional video creation.

A woman with red lower thirds label.

8. Print Templates

If you ever need to print anything – there’s a template for it on Envato Elements. Resumes, brochures, menus and so much more!

They work with a variety of programs including Microsoft Word, Adobe In-Design and many more.

A professional printed menu from a restaurant.

9. Social Media Templates

No matter what you do, social media is where marketing happens in today’s world. Envato Elements includes social media template packages.

Use these to format your social media posts with professional designs that will make everyone notice and remember your brand.

Different sized social media templates branded with yellow theme.

10. Backgrounds

Background images and videos can be great for presentations, videos, social media posts and so much more.

These can be sorted by color theme to match the look you’re going for.

A blue wavy background from Envato Elements

11. Icons

Whether you’re designing a website, videos, an app or printed material, icons are great visual additions.

Envato Elements gives you countless packs of matching and themed icons to use for consistent looks across whatever it is you are designing.

Twenty simple and colorful icons from Envato Elements.

12. Infographics

Nothing captures someone’s attention like an infographic. Visual communication of data improves the experience of whatever you may be creating.

Scroll through pages and pages of customizable infographics. And again, these are all included with a single affordable subscription.

An infographic of earth with various data displayed.

13. Photoshop Actions

A personal favorite, Photoshop actions are complex instructions for Photoshop editing that can be saved and shared. With very little Photoshop experience, actions can make you look like a professional photo editor.

A photo of a man disintegrating into flames.

14. Fonts

Yes, there are many fonts available for free all over the internet. But why not get a bunch more with your Envato Elements subscription? There are over 15,000 quality fonts available to match whatever look and style you are going for.

A thumbnail for a font icon with fancy print over a water colored painting.

15. WordPress Themes

If you’re a web designer using WordPress, there’s an entire section of themes and other elements available to use on your site or for clients.

Four professional wordpress themes displayed.

16. Presentation Templates

Never make a boring PowerPoint presentation again! Envato has templates for PowerPoint, Google Slides and KeyNote. Just plug them in and replace the content for a professionally-designed presentation.

A series of branded presentation templates from Envato Elements.

17. E-mail Templates

E-mail lists are still one of the most effective digital marketing tools. With Envato’s e-mail templates, we can make professional e-mails that stand out.

Three professional e-mail templates displayed.

18. Product Mockups

If you have a tee-shirt, mug, digital app or other product, there’s a good chance of finding a mockup template on Envato Elements to help visualize it.

A customizable tee shirt with "design here" label.

19. 3D Models

Not objects for use in 3D software – that would be great – but these are 3D models which can be angled in any position and then a PNG can be generated from them. They are good for photobashing.

3D model of brass binoculars.

20. Brushes

Every Photoshop user knows the value of good brushes.

Several streaks created with different photoshop brushes.

21. Textures

Whether for use in photoshop or other applications, there are a lot of useful textures available.

Four colorful textures from Envato Elements

22. Lottie Animations

Lottie animations are small animation files to spice up your website without slowing it down (much).

Weather lottie animation icons from Envato Elements.